Signature Cuisine


Salmon meat and shrimp seasoned with leche de tigre (or tiger’s milk), red onion,
rocoto pepper and cilantro.



Crispy shrimp breaded with nori crumbs and topped with a creamy salmon ceviche


Are not Tacos

Fried tortilla stuffed with shredded meat and topped with roasted tomato and tomatillo salsa, green salsa, hot sauce and chopped red onion.


Pork Flank Steak

Grilled pork flank steak seasoned with bell pepper chimichurri sauce and homemade
toasted bread on the side.


Beef Skewers

Diced beef covered in a caper and parsley sauce, topped with onion crisps.


Crosscut Ribs à la Sky

Sous vide crosscut ribs (cooked at 160o for 11 hours) with a side of diced potatoes à la


Hot Tapas

Pudding and Skewers (Vegan dish)

Corn and basil pudding topped with a vegetable skewer and tomato confit.


Fuego y Pulpo

Tomato-based sauce and crispy potato cubes topped with grilled octopus and lemon


Crunchy Pleasure

Crispy phyllo dough, chili garlic shrimp and parmessan cheese.


BBQ Wings

Chicken wings covered in a spicy barbeque sauce


Baby Ribs

Tender pork ribs covered in hot honey and goat’s horn chili sauce


Vegetarian Pleasure (7 pcs)

Grated rosemary polenta in a balsamic vinegar emulsion, topped with smoked goat


Mister Javier’s Croquettes

Blood sausage croquettes on top of stewed onions and blue cheese sauce, topped with chopped walnuts.


Frescor al Paladar

Mushroom croquette, lettuce and mint salad, peach chutney, fried mushroom, European hazelnut and blue cheese.


Baked Crab Chowder

Bite-sized baked crab chowder in phyllo dough topped with caper frosting.


Sweet & Sour Scallops (15 und)

Panko breaded oysters in oriental stir-fry sauce and caramelized piquillo pepper sauce, topped with pickled chiles and stewed bell peppers.


Cold Tapas

Valdivian Delight

Bite-sized crispy brioche bread topped with smoked Snoek fish, artichoke hearts, mustard seeds, cilantro and lemon sauce.


Octopus Bruschettas

Semi-dried tomatoes topped with octopus, seasoned with an olive and red onion sauce.


Tuna in Stone

Tender tuna marinated in lemon cream, onion and pickled chili finished with grain mustard and cilantro, accompanied by house crocancias.


Roast Beef

Red meat slices with a tartar sauce dressing, topped with semi-dried tomatoes and
parsley flakes.


Cured and creamy

Cured salmon over a creamy avocado citrus sauce, topped with pickled red onion and brioche bread crisps.


Steak Tartare

Finely chopped beef seasoned with our homemade special sauce, topped with pickles, capers, onion, parsley and black garlic based mayonnaise with homemade toasted bread on the side.


Locos por el Sur

Chilean abalone in a lettuce-cilantro sauce topped with a parsley coulis and roasted garlic aioli.




Homemade hamburger in brioche bread with tomatoes, lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, red onion rings, pickles and our homemade special sauce.



Shredded meat in brioche bread with bacon, mushrooms, creamy bell peppers, onion crisps and our homemade special sauce.


Sweet Tapas

Sweet mystery

6 macaroons paired with 3 different drinks.


Creamy Almighty

Chocolate mousse with a coffee and peanut ganache centre topped with dark chocolate


Lemon Pie

Soft lemon cream, Italian meringue and sablee crunch.


Food consumption only on the premises.
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